Gali Air Starters – External Lubrication

Gali Air Starter A-15, A-25, A-45 (with external SL-6 Lubricator)

Gali offer a range of air starters where there is an requirement for external lubrication.  They are supplied with a standard Gali SL-6 lubricator.


With SL-6 LubricatorA-15A-25A-45
Maximum power15 kW (20.1HP)25kW (34HP)66kW (90HP)
Maximum torque66 Nm (48.6 Lb ft)133 Nm (97.9 Lb ft)540 Nm 398.0 Lb ft)
Speed at maximum  torque4000 rpm3500 rpm2300 rpm
Engine power range10 – 300 kW220 – 1100 kW1100 – 4400 kW