Your car, 4wd or truck may not start for a number of reasons and the following items highlights the most common circumstances.  If it won’t start it could be your starter motor, alternator or battery.

Deering Autronics will test each system, pinpoint what’s wrong, complete the repair and have you back on the road in no time.

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If your battery is flat or faulty the symptoms are:

  • Engine cranks slowly and gradually slows to a stop
  • Dashboard lights dim but don’t go out completely when the key is turned
  • Slow or sluggish starting



If your alternator is not working or faulty the symptoms are:

  • Dash lights dim at random and then seem to work again
  • Red battery light flickers or stays on
  • Dimmed headlights or flickering gauges
  • Smell of burning rubber or hot wires
  • A flat battery



If your starter motor is not working or faulty the symptoms are:

  • When you turn the key to start the engine nothing happens
  • When you turn the key to start the engine you hear one loud click
  • Sluggish or slow to crank and then stops



If your car’s air conditioning is not cold enough the symptoms are:

  • Leaks may have developed in the compressor or hoses
  • Noisy compressor when the air conditioner is turned on
  • Fluctuating temperatures
  • Faulty electrical system
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