BlazeCut 3m Auto Fire Suppression System

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BlazeCut 3m Auto Fire Suppression System

The BlazeCut 3m Auto Fire Suppression System offers a unique, yet simple and cost-effective automatic fire suppression.  The risk of fire is very real in almost any engine compartment in cars, 4wds, trucks, boats, farming machinery, forklifts, the list is endless.

The system is designed to protect small enclosures like your car or 4wd engine bay and operates automatically without any power supply.  In the event of a fire the temperature in the protected enclosure rises to a level to where the heat sensitive BlazeCut tube melts.  The tube melts at the point where the effecting temperature is the highest.  Melting the BlazeCut tube creates a hole, or a nozzle, releasing the entire extinguishing agent stored in the BlazeCut tube into the source of the fire, extinguishing the fire and cooling the engine compartment.

BlazeCut System


Key Features:

  • Universal use: can be used to protect almost any space (including electrical)
  • Cost effective: no maintenance costs for the lifetime of the system
  • No cylinder needed for storage of extinguishing agent
  • Clean and effective extinguishing agent
  • Automatic activation: ideal for non-occupied or spaces out of sight
  • Fully independent: system is operational 24/7 without power supply
  • Long working life: 5 – 10 years depending on the type of operation
  • No harm: to protected enclosure or people on activation, no residue
  • Simple installation: no training required
  • Includes pressure gauge
  • Low operational temperatures: up to -40°C
  • Activation temperature: approx 120°C


Extinguishing agent

The BlazeCut T Series system uses HFC-227 and HFC-236fa extinguishing agents.  Both agents are “clean agents” used for volume fire suppression.  They are known for it high effectivity, zero ozone depletion potential and is safe to people. It is also the agents of choice for protection of enclosures where any residue would cause harm to the protected sensitive devices.  The BlazeCut system leaves no residue once discharged.


What’s in the box

You are purchasing a BlazeCut system 3 meters in length and come complete with everything you need to install the unit, including instructions. A 3 meter system is recommended for smaller sedans up to 4 cylinders, smaller 4wds as well as boats with inboard or stern drive motors.

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