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Marshall MSDP27

The Marshall MSDP27 is a sealed dual purpose marine battery designed to supply power for boats with one battery.

They are designed to be used for both starting & cycling duties, accommodating additional accessories like mooring lights or listening to you favourite tracks.  Marshall construct the marine battery using thicker calcium plates and glass matt separators.  A different active material enables them to balance starting with cycling ability to provide adequate dual purpose power.

Please feel free to call in to ant of our branches with your boat or batteries for a free battery check.

*** When you buy a Marshall Battery from Deering Autronics you’ll get a free two year roadside warranty anywhere in Perth … meaning if your battery fails during the warranty period we’ll come to you to replace it, yes even at the boat ramp. (Some conditions apply.)


  • Anti vibration Anchor bonding plates
  • Cycling capability
  • Glass matt separators
  • Reinforced grids
  • Thick plates
  • Duel terminals for accessories
  • Sure-grip carry handles



Volts: 12
CCA: 680
20 HR: 97
Terminal: Twin
Tech: SMF GM
ASS: D (+L)
RC: 162
Ledges: SL



Length: 304 mm
Width: 173 mm
Height: 225 mm
Weight: 23 Kg



18 Month

Marine Battery