Rear Vision Reversing Starter Kit 7″

Rear Vision Reversing Starter Kit 7″
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Rear Vision Reversing Starter Kit 7″

The SharpVision Rear Vision Reversing Starter Kit 7″ provides a high quality solution that will provide many years of use with an impressive list of features.  You can add to your Rear Vision Reversing Starter Kit 7″ at any stage and it can be set up in a number of different applications.  We generally have ample stock of what ever you would like to add.  The kit allows you to add an additional three cameras, for additional rear, side or front viewing or adding a camera to the back of your semi trailer, caravan or camper as a further example.


About the Monitor

The 7″ model has been designed as a mid to large sized monitor to provide a view of the area around a vehicle for safe maneuvering of towing vehicles, trucks, buses, 4wd’s, work utes and vans, forklifts, etc the list is endless. These units are multi voltage and can be installed in 12v and 24v vehicles.

The monitors have a high resolution display, provides for single, dual, triple and quad viewing options. They have really easy to use push button controls and the package also includes a full function remote control.

You can connect up to four cameras to your 7″ Quad Screen Monitor to provide a view around your vehicle with multiple combination options. The system also provides for a trigger wire for each camera, once a trigger is activated the image automatically switches to that camera. The monitor can also be set up to automatically switch between cameras, or be programmed on a timer. You can also label each camera, i.e. “left”, “rear”, etc and it will display the name at the bottom of the relevant camera’s image.


– 7″ Digital LCD, full colour, quad screen, high resolution monitor
– Single, Dual, triple, or quad display options
– 1 DVD/AV and 4 camera inputs, also provides for video output
– Display, volume and view function can be set for each camera
– Auto scanning and timed image switch can be set
– Four trigger wires for cameras, image to switch to camera once trigger is activated
– Supports multiple video formats: AUTO/ PAL/ NTSC
– Camera name can be set to display at the bottom of the image
– Full-function remote control
– Distance grid lines and turning indicator arrows can be displayed
– 6 display languages available for selection
– Can be installed in 12V or 24V vehicles


About the camera

With advanced CCD imaging technology, a viewing angle of 120° and a Sony lens this high-quality camera is perfect for heavy duty applications on trucks, mining, farming equipment, utes, vans and 4WD’s. It features a strong protective housing and is completely waterproof and dust proof. The sturdy mounting bracket will not move when installed correctly.  The camera also feature a wide voltage range and can be installed on 12 and 24v vehicles.

– Waterproof and dust proof to IP69K rating
– Shockproof rating 10G
– 120° viewing angle Sony lens
– With Audio
– Night vision with infra-red to 15m
– Day/Night sensor for automatic adjustment
– Metal protective housing
– CMOS sensor with CCD imaging technology
– Excellent low-light performance
– Full colour, Auto white balance and gain control
– Distance grid lines selectable
– Power supply input 10v to 32v


What’s in the box

The Rear Vision Reversing Starter Kit 7″ consist of:  7″ Quad Screen Monitor, Heavy Duty Camera, a 10m length of cable, mounting brackets, angle adjustment screws, a sun shade, a remote control, power cables, and the operating manuals.

Rear Vision Reversing Starter Kit 7"


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