Xray Vision HID Driving Light 220 Series

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Xray Vision HID Driving Light 220 Series (Spread Beam)

The Xray Vision HID driving light range are the ultimate long distance performer.

For anyone who drives in outback and regional areas, the power and distance of the HIDs are a MUST HAVE to avoid road hazards, wildlife, plus assist with reducing driver fatigue. Ideal for long haul transport operators, people who live and work in rural areas, and anyone who’s planning to tour the great Australian outback.

The 90W Soft Start HID driving lights have set a new Australian benchmark in aftermarket lighting. With unique advanced heat management and the only HID system designed from the ground up by Australians for Australian conditions, the HID globes and ballasts are custom built for dedicated use in our market leading driving lights.


  • Hardened PC clear cover supplied
  • Die cast alloy housings
  • Stainless steel fittings
  • Free form reflector
  • Vacuum aluminised die cast reflector
  • Internal Multi-Volt Ballast
  • 12V or 24V Compatible
  • Low current draw



  • Dimansions: Round 218mm dia. by 132mm deep
  • Beam Type: Spread
  • Lens Type: Clear
  • Body Colour: Black


Product Recommedation:

  • For remote outback use Deering Autronics recommend installing one pencil and one spread beam Xray Vision HID 220 Series driving lights.
  • For use on coastal roads, highways and tracks Deering Autronics recommend installing two spread beam Xray Vision HID 220 Series driving lights.





Additional Information

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Dimensions 25 × 21 × 32 cm