Bartco Portable Traffic Signal

Bartco Portable Traffic Signal

BARTCO’S Intelligent Portable Traffic Signals revolutionise the way traffic signals can be deployed and used. The intelligence behind the BARTCO Portable Traffic Signal is in the technology enhancements within the traffic light controller, which now allows customers complete on-site control as well as remote control via the internet to minimise cost, risk and downtime.

Now offering remote access via BARTCO’s WebStudio™ real-time internet based communication facility, the signals can be located via GPS, diagnosed, alarmed and controlled via a laptop anywhere in coverage of a wireless network. For the first time true Multiway operation is available, to allow any combination of traffic lights to be set up for multiway intersection control.

They are designed around a sturdy but light weight solar powered dual trailer system, quick and easy to setup and operate.

They are designed for high-visibility signalling in applications ranging from work zones and bridge repair to special events and emergency backup.

Whatever your application, you can be sure that our traffic equipment will have your needs covered. BARTCO Portable Solar Traffic Signals are the most advanced and reliable portable traffic signal system to the industry today.

Deering Autronics are the proud West Australian distributor of all BARTCO products and operate a Perth based service and repair center for the entire BARTCO product range.

Downloads:  Portable Traffic Signal Brochure