Bartco Variable Speed Limit Sign

Variable Speed Limit Sign (VSLS)

Reliability, functionality and visibility have been the driving elements in the design of the BARTCO Variable Speed Limit Sign and are ideal for areas requiring a variety of speed limits implemented in order to control the constantly changing road conditions, in such environment as toll ways, work sites, tunnels and Speed Camera Detection systems.

Variable Speed Limit Signs are available in A, B, C size and can be controlled via the BARTCO WebStudio™ software, which also offers an optional smartphone application.

The units incorporate various communication options, from local control, to cellular and satellite wireless access.

The streamlined design enables placement of the trailer body in hard to reach places or narrow “dead” or “NO GO” zones, communicating traffic-related information to motorist’s, cyclists and pedestrians.

Variable Speed Limit Sign Benefits

  • A significant reduction in safety hazard as the need to constantly change static speed signs in potentially dangerous conditions is eliminated.
  • Traffic Control Costs are significantly reduced while work productivity hours on the road are increased.
  • VSLS units employ logging technology allowing all speed changes to be fully recorded. Communicating marketing / promotional messages or other purposes not related to Traffic Management.


Deering Autronics are the proud West Australian distributor of all BARTCO products and operate a Perth based service and repair center for the entire BARTCO product range.