bycool R Evolution (roof mounted unit)

The bycool R Evolution roof mounted evaporative cooling unit is perfect for reducing the internal air temperature of the cabin due to the evaporation process that cools the external fresh air before being delivered into the cabin area.

The bycool range of evaporative coolers are built to provide truck sleeper cabs with cool comfort during rest breaks.

The units are designed to be used whilst parked with the engine switched off, however it is also possible to have the unit running while driving to aid in the cooling process of the sleeper cab area.

The evaporator works by cooling warm external fresh air as it passes through the unit’s wet filter. As the external air moves through the filter the water evaporates, cooling the air. The cool air is then blown through the internal vents to cool the cab area.


bycool R Evolution key features:

  • Low profile roof mounted unit
  • Availkable as 12V or 24V
  • Cooling without idling, no fuel consumption
  • Quiet operation day and night
  • 8 Fan speeds
  • Rf remote control
  • Inbuilt alarm clock
  • Timer – 1hr, 3hrs and 6hr running times
  • Unit dimensions: 860 x 787 x 180 (LxWxH)
  • Unit weight: 18kg
  • Water tank dimensions: 550 x 550 x 110 (LxWxH)
  • Water tank weight empty: 4kg, holds 35 liters
  • Low water consumption


bycool R-Evolution