Gali Air Starter A-27 25Kw (without Lubrication)

Type A-27 air starters are generally used for starting Diesel engines of an approximate range of ratings of 220-1100 kW (300-1500 HP), although the suitability depends on the engine capacity, number of cylinders and the ratio of the pinion to the flywheel ring gear.

These starters can also be used to start gas turbines of similar rating. Optimum starting conditions exist in the case of engines of approx. 36 dm3 (2200 in3) total capacity where the starting pressure is of 1-3 MPa (145-435 ibf/in2), allowing thus for a considerable starting reserve. If the available reserve capacity of starting air is high or if the installation permits a reduction in the number of starts, the pressure range can be confirmed to 2-3 MPa (290-435 ibf/in2), thus allowing the use of Type A-27 starters for engines of up to twice the capacity mentioned above.

Upon request, the Type A-27 starter can be supplied in a completely leak proof version. The starter outlet of this version allows the exhaust gases to be led away and recovered for further use.

If the conditions of installation require the starter to operate at its upper limit of power output, it is strongly advised that the more powerful Type A-47 be selected.

The inlet nozzle may be arranged in four different positions with regard to the exhaust.

Type A-27 air starters are available in both clockwise and counter clockwise rotation configurations.

They are successfully used in:

  • Emergency generators
  • Compressors
  • Auxiliary ship engines or main engines of smaller vessels
  • Industrial engines
  • Forklift truck engines or those of other industrial vehicles