Gali Air Starter A-48 77kW (without Lubrication)

Type A-48 starters, with their 640 Nm torque, are specially designed for starting internal combustion engines, diesel, gas or fuel, of power rating from 3,500 to 7,000 kW (4,750 – 9,520 CV), when there is a compressor air source available. These starters operate with an air pressure range between 10 and 30 bar (145-435 Psi).

The power and pressure required to start such an engine depends on its technical characteristics.  Some of these include the bore and stroke of the pistons, number of teeth on the crown, the compression ratio, resistance torque of the engine, as well as the working temperature conditions and the specific characteristics of each installation.

With the increased torque gains, the A-48 is able to start more powerful engines.  This increase in the torque is achieved by means of an increased internal reduction.

Its “Z” shape and uneven front section is designed to allow the for installation in engines with complex and reduced side spaces.

All the traditional advantages offered by Gali, with its air rotors and lubrication free starters, are maintained in this model, such as the pre-engagement system, high acceleration speed allowing for a quick start, flexibility of independent pinion and flange, diverse starter position possibilities either for its flange or its supply, light weight, automatic disengagement, etc.

In addition, it incorporates and auto-lubrication system for the internal reducer, with permanent oil, guaranteeing a long working life of the bearings as well as noise levels.  The A-48 is ideal for working under adverse weather conditions, such as low temperature, humidity and salty environments.

Type A-48 air starters are available in clockwise and counter clockwise rotation configurations.