Gali Air Starter S-30 41.5kW

The S-30 air starter has been developed to start Diesel engines of a power range from 750 to 3200 kW (1020 to 4350 HP), depending on number and bore of cylinders, stroke of pistons and transmission ratio between the starter pinion and flywheel crown.  The S-30 is also suitable for Gas engines and Turbines of similar power.

The Galí starters are characterized by their high turning speed (3500 rpm in its standard version), producing and keeping maximum torque from the beginning, thanks to its acceleration in a matter of a fraction of a second.

This strong acceleration and high speed allows for an immediate engine ignition, avoiding slow starting.  Contrary to electrical and air blade or turbine starters, which are harmful to diesel engines, based on repetition of engine compression cycles.

The S-30 air starter main characteristics are:

  • Working air pressure from 6 to 30 bar (85-435 Psi)
  • Lubrication and maintenance free due to its sealed lubricated bearings
  • Light weight, with its center of gravity close to the frontal coupling flange
  • Designed to incorporate the control solenoid valve directly on the starter
  • Convertible to leak proof, with centralised exhaust ducts
  • Muffled, with possibility to be supplied with double muffler
  • lndexable in its inlet/exhaust pipes and with free front flange positioning
  • Protected against dust & liquids
  • Detachable pinion and front flange
  • Clockwise or Counter clockwise rotation
  • Able to be installed by front flange or cradle
  • Starting system in two steps (engagement & starting) and pneumatic locking to avoid any undesired pinion re-engagement to flywheel

We believe its the best designed air starter for Engine Manufacturers that need flexibility, quality and reliability as well as endurance, power and air expenditure economy.