Gali Pneumatic Air Starters – General Information

GALI Pneumatic Air Starters are intended for use on internal combustion engines and gas turbines.  For their size and weight, these are extremely powerful starters, and some of their main features include high torque, high speed, low air consumption and reduced maintenance.

GALI Air Starters operate at pressures ranging from as little as a few psi to a maximum of 3 MPa (30 bar or 435 Psi), with operating pressures dependent on installation conditions.  The prompt response and high operating speeds of the GALI air starters ensure the starter reaches ignition speeds within seconds, therefore increasing the efficiency of the starting operation.

Nowadays the Gali Air Starters don’t require any external lubrication, and as a result they don’t generate any waste.  And by not producing waste they require less maintenance, making these starters extremely environmentally friendly.  Not needing any external lubrication also avoids the need for external pump lubricators, therefore simplifying the installation process.

Gali Air Starters are flame proof by design and they are very resistant to humidity, resistant to the corrosive effects of saline environments, vibration resistant and are unaffected by extreme temperatures.

GALI Air Starters are being successfully used on Marine engines and general Diesel engines installed on locomotives, road tankers, forklift trucks, generators, compressors and on gas turbines.  They are suitable for engines operating under arctic conditions, off-shore drilling platforms, snow ploughs and vehicles used in the petrochemical industries and other hazardous environments.

Gali Air Starters are used by the main engine builders such as:  Caterpillar, Cummins, Deutz, HHI, KHI, MAN M.T.U, Pielstick, Rolls Royce, Volvo, Wartsila etc.  Gali starters are homologated by the main classification companies: Germanischer Lloyd and Bureau Veritas.  Under request we can supply individual certificates of any other classification company such as the Korean Register, Lloyd Register, Rinna, etc.


  • The only air starter on the market to work directly at 30 bar, no need for reduction valves
  • Easy assembly: the main and solenoid valves’ are fully integrated in the same body, avoiding additional piping
  • Gali develops its own engineering to assure the reliability and endurance of its starters
  • The torque is produced as result of the pressure on the rotors
  • No lubrication is required
  • Homologated by the main classification companies: GL and BV
  • Used by the main engine builders