OPTraffic Arrow Board (TM)

OPTraffic Arrow Board (TM)

Designed and manufactured by OPTraffic, the trailer mounted OPTraffic Arrow Board (TM) is a solar powered device that can display a range of different flashing patterns, are compact in design and rotatable.

They are easy to set up and operate.

The OPTraffic Arrow Board (TM) is an ideal tool for traffic management applications by providing advanced warning and directional instruction. Ideal for use traffic management by local councils, construction companies and on mine sites. Features high brightness flashing patterns such as arrows, caution bars and directional signals.

OPTraffic Trailer Mounted Arrow Board (TMAB) is designed in an ISO9001 facility with innovative LED technology. The unique hardware and software features of your TMAB allow the device to run itself continuously throughout the year under normal weather conditions.

OPTraffic arrow board trailers are wind-loading approved, can be lifted with a forklift, and feature heavy duty standard couplings.

Deering Autronics offer a Perth based support, parts as well as maintenance and repair services. We carry a comprehensive rage of parts in stock and remember your new OPTraffic Arrow Board comes with a 2 year warranty (conditions apply).

There are three models to choose from based on your intended use. There is also a further option to custom build an OPTraffic Arrow Board (TM) to your requirements.

Some features include:

  • Board Size: 24000(94.5″)W x 1200mm(47.2″)H
  • Hydraulic mast lifting system – allows one person operation
  • Solar panels rotate 360 degrees for optimal positioning
  • Display board rotates for positioning without moving trailer
  • Y support – stabilizes board in travelling position
  • Hot-galvanized steel structure – anti-corrosion for 20+ years
  • High-output amber LEDs – low power consumption
  • Light Sensor – allows for Auto dimming at night
  • Easy-to-use on-board controller
  • Two charging systems – battery charging with solar panel or AC 240V charger
  • Auto-charger – shuts down when batteries are fully charged, preventing damage
  • Safety lock: Wheel, battery box and control box
  • Maintenance free batteries


OPTraffic Arrow Board (TM)OPTraffic Arrow Board (TM)OPTraffic Arrow Board (TM)OPTraffic Arrow Board (TM)