OPTraffic Arrow Board (VM)

OPTraffic Arrow Board (VM)

OPTraffic Portable Traffic Signals are designed and built with reliability in mind. They are foldable and are easy to operate.

OPTraffic vehicle mounted arrow boards are built tough and are manufactured to the highest quality standards in an ISO9001 certified manufacturing facility. They provide wide angularity and superior visibility … an obvious solution for convoys and emergency repair crews.

The OPTraffic Arrow Board (VM) is an ideal tool for temporary and emergency traffic management applications by providing advanced warning and directional instruction. Ideal for traffic management use by local councils, construction companies and on mine sites.

Vehicle mounted arrow boards are available in a variety of sizes and configurations, including double sided, with 13/26, 15/30 or 25/50 lamps. Flashing rate is 30-40 per minute and can be customized if needed.

Deering Autronics offer a Perth based support, parts as well as maintenance and repair services. We carry a comprehensive rage of parts in stock and remember your new OPTraffic Arrow Board comes with a 2 year warranty (conditions apply).

Some features include:

  • Board Size: 1260(49.6″)W x 650(25.6″)H & 1500(59.0″)W x 650(30.3″)H
  • High-output amber LEDs provide superior visibility
  • Light Sensor – Auto dimming system
  • Flash rate of 30-40 per minute
  • Easy-to-use on-board controller
  • Low power consumption – Energy-efficient operation
  • Can run on 12v or 24v vehicle systems
  • Cooling fans prevent overheating

OPTraffic Arrow Board (VM)OPTraffic Arrow Board (VM)OPTraffic Arrow Board (VM)OPTraffic Arrow Board (TM)