OPTraffic Variable Message Sign

OPTraffic Variable Message Sign

The OPTraffic Variable Message Sign (VMS) is a solar powered device that can display a range of text messages, graphics and animations in up to 5 colours.

An OPTraffic Variable Message Sign is an ideal tool for local traffic management, local councils, construction companies and mine sites. They also work well in advertising applications and public notices of upcoming events, expos. etc.

OPTraffic VMS is designed and manufactured in an ISO9001 certified facility and feature a host of innovative technologies. The unique hardware and software features allow you to program all your devices from anywhere and at any time via a 3G connection.

You can easily track all your device locations, design and create messages with graphic symbols (text and graphics combined), add flashing animations. An OPTraffic VMS can also be used as an Variable Speed Limit Sign by adding an optional radar. The radar detect and display approaching vehicle speeds and can be programmed with a “slow down” or “well done” message depending on speed readings.

Deering Autronics offer a Perth based support, parts as well as maintenance and repair services. We carry a comprehensive rage of parts in stock and remember your new OPTraffic Arrow Board comes with a 2 year warranty, conditions apply.

There are three sizes available (scroll down for size information) to choose from and can be configured to either amber or as a 5 colour VMS. Talk to us on custom builds to suit your needs.

Some features include:

  • Hydraulic mast lifting system – allows for one person setup
  • Rotating solar panels – rotate 360 degrees for optimal charging positioning
  • Double disk brakes – holds VMS in place during operation
  • Y supports stabilize VMS in travelling position
  • Hot-galvanized steel structure, anti-corrosion for 20+ years
  • Amber or five-color full-matrix display configurations available
  • Full remote control via phone/laptop/tablet/computer with OPT software
  • OPT VMS local control software for on-site programming with tablet/laptop
  • Light Sensor (Auto dimming system) & Temperature Sensor
  • Individual letters are font color and size controllable
  • High-visibility LEDs
  • GPS tracking system
  • Real-time VMS device status
  • SMS alert system, e.g low battery
  • Optional Radar (Variable Speed Limit Warning)
  • Two charging systems – battery charging with solar panel or AC 240V charger
  • Cooling fans prevent overheating
  • Safety lock: Wheel, battery box and control box.


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