OPTraffic Vehicle Mounted VMS

OPTraffic Vehicle Mounted VMS

The OPTraffic Vehicle Mounted VMS provide all the functionality of a trailer mounted VMS but are vehicle mounted instead. Like a trailer mounted VMS they are manufactured to the highest quality standards in an ISO9001 certified manufacturing facility.

All mounting hardware, electrical actuators & brackets are supplied with your vehicle mounted VMS and allows for mounting over work vehicles like flatbed trucks, crash attenuator trucks or maintenance utility vehicles. They are an ideal tool for local traffic management, local councils, construction companies and mine sites.

The OPTraffic Vehicle Mounted VMS feature high-efficiency LED’s for reduced energy consumption, superior performance and legibility. The full-matrix display can present messages as text, graphics, or a combination of both.

Deering Autronics offers Perth based support, spare parts as well as maintenance and repair services. We carry a comprehensive rage of spare parts in stock and remember your new OPTraffic Vehicle Mounted VMS comes with a 2 year warranty.

Some features include:

  • Available in Amber or five-color configurations
  • Full remote control via 3G connection from your phone, tablet, laptop or desktop computer
  • Also provides option for on-site programming with a tablet or laptop
  • Light Sensor (Auto dimming system) & Temperature Sensor
  • Unlimited pre-programmed display frames
  • GPS tracking
  • Real-time device status
  • SMS alert system
  • Optional Radar to measure the speed of ongoing traffic
  • Energy-efficient operation
  • Can run on 12V or 24V systems
  • Cooling fans prevent overheating


OPTraffic Vehicle Mounted VMSOPTraffic Vehicle Mounted VMSOPTraffic Vehicle Mount VMS