Remote Immobiliser

At Deering Autronics we have three options available for selection to best suit your needs, all Government approved of course, and the Remote Immobiliser provides the most convenient solution.

In general terms an immobiliser is a device that prevents the engine from being started and the Autowatch Remote Immobiliser provides effective two circuit immobilisation. It arms itself when the remote is pressed, and to disarm you simply press the remote again. The Remote Immobiliser has the ability to interface into the vehicles central locking system making for a very convenient way to arm and disarm the unit when the vehicle is locked or unlocked. A red dash mounted LED light acts as a strong visual deterrent to car thieves.

Some of the major features include:

  • Two circuit immobilisation
  • Two one button remotes supplied
  • PIN code programming prevents cloning of the remote
  • PIN override facility
  • Attack proof housing & all black wire harness
  • Upgradeable to immobilise 3 circuits
  • Hazards flash lock/unlock confirmation (optional)


From $325.00 (Price includes installation)


Did you know that more than 8,000 cars are stolen in Western Australia each year, and less that 70% are recovered. As the number of cars protected by vehicle immobilisers increases, the rate of car thefts drops. You can reduce the chances of your older car becoming a statistic by installing an Touchkey Immobiliser. Most insurance companies offer a reduced premium when an approved immobiliser is fitted, which could offset the cost of the installation.

When transferring vehicle ownership or licencing a vehicle in WA

It is the purchaser’s responsibility to ensure that an approved immobiliser is installed. If you are unsure we’ll gladly inspect it for you and advise you of your best option.  Before applying to license a vehicle it is the owner’s responsibility to have or ensure that an approved immobiliser is installed. If the vehicle to be licensed is already fitted with an immobiliser, confirmation must be made that it is an approved device.