4×4 Accessories, Perth

4×4 Accessories, Perth
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Discover an exciting range of accessories to enhance your 4WD experience

If you feel at home in your 4×4, travelling across the great outdoors and off the beaten path, you’ll enjoy enhancing the experience with Deering Autronics’ impressive range of 4×4 accessories. Having worked with a countless number of clients, we have put together a selection of not only the most popular but most effective 4WD supplies. Contact us today to find out more.

Setting the standard in service

A mainstay of Deering Autronics has been our passion for growth but also the value we place on setting the standard of service for the industry. From our dedicated staff, to the range of products we stock, we follow a process of continuous improvement. Our staff is well-experienced, having worked with customers from a variety of industries and undergoing rigorous training. Each member was picked for their quality as technicians as well as their professionalism.

What’s on offer?

Our stock features the best brands so you can rest easy knowing that the parts we use and supply are of the highest standard.

  • Portable solar panels

Looking to take on your next adventure getaway but still want some of the comforts of home? We have just what you need. We provide a quality selection of portable solar panels that let you harness the power of the sun for a touch of home in the wild. Each model in our stock is affordable, easy to carry and hardy enough to handle anything Mother Nature might throw at it.

  • Dual battery system

Is there anything that could rival a cold one under the night sky of the wild? Probably not. We have easy-to-install and manage dual battery systems that can help you power a variety of appliances, including a fridge, on your excursions.

  • 12v air compressor

Make sure you keep your tyres pumped up no matter where you venture off to with one of our 12v air compressors. These 4×4 air compressors are portable, efficient and extremely convenient when you are out on the open road.

  • 12 volt led lights

Our range of 12v led lights features affordably priced but effective lighting solutions that will help you light the way on your trips out of town.

Contact us today to find out more about our must-have 4WD supplies from our friendly team of electricians.