Perth’s Car Air Conditioning Specialists

Perth’s Car Air Conditioning Specialists
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Make the best years of your air conditioning system last longer

We are blessed with beautiful weather in Perth, however, when the heat hits, you rely on your car’s air conditioning system to keep you comfortable. This is why it’s important to get it serviced by a licensed specialist before the summer weather arrives. Deering Autronics offers car air conditioning services in Perth for all types of vehicles, including passenger, commercial, mining, farming and even aeroplanes. Contact us today our professional car air conditioning services.

Our affordable services include:

  • A full system check – belts, pulleys, hoses, valves, compressor, thermostat, etc.
  • A re-gas car air conditioning on completion of an inspection.
  • A complete system check for overall performance.

Additional services are available upon request, which include a complete air conditioning rebuilding service and R-134A air conditioning upgrades.

Why is an aircon re-gas is important?

It helps prevent your system becoming stale and stuffy. By topping up the coolant, your system will continue to function effectively, keeping you cool in those hot summer months.

Benefits of regular maintenance

  • Reduced repair costs

Securing regular maintenance from a team of professionals allows issues to be identified and addressed early before they become expensive. Replacing faulty parts is less expensive than replacing a whole unit.

  • System longevity

Maintenance has been proven to improve the lifespan of an air con unit as well as its performance.

Tips to prolong your car aircon

  • Run your car aircon at least once a week for more than 15 minutes during the colder months to keep the seals lubricated. This will also remove moisture from inside the vehicle, keeping your windscreen clear of fog.
  • Keep your car’s air conditioner set to ‘outside air ventilation.’ Most vehicle manufacturers recommend this setting to ensure healthy levels of oxygen inside the vehicle. If your air conditioner does not provide enough cooling at this setting it’s probably due for a service.
  • Use the “recirculate air” function during the summer to quickly cool your car. As soon as it’s cool inside the cabin, select the “outside air ventilation” position.

Car air conditioners are often neglected, as they generally don’t form part of the regular logbook-servicing schedule. Get all your affordable car air conditioning repairs done quickly and efficiently at Deering Autronics.

Contact us to book a car air conditioning service today, or call us on 1300 136 556 to locate your nearest branch.