Alternators and Starter Motors

Alternators and Starter Motors
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Car alternator repairs, Perth.

Deering Autronics, based in Perth, boasts an in-depth knowledge of auto electrics, in particular alternators and starter motors. We are the specialists in our field and stock a broad range of car parts and equipment. It is a testament to our eye for quality and attention to detail, consisting of the best brands for passenger vehicles, light industrial, heavy duty and marine. Contact us today for a selection of reliable solutions that includes Bosch alternators and starter motors.


Getting its name from the term alternating current (AC), it supplies most of the power as opposed to your battery, which is primarily needed to start your engine. Your car’s alternator is responsible for ensuring all the electrical components in your car function properly, including your heater, dashboard, interior and external lights. It is also responsible for charging your battery while you drive.

Why your alternator is important

If cars ran on ordinary batteries, they would eventually run down. In order to avoid this, cars have a rechargeable battery and accompanying charging system. If your alternator is faulty and not fully functional, many of your vehicle’s components will fail and your car will struggle to run. The most common symptoms for a failing alternator is:

  • Having to jump start the car frequently
  • Dimming lights when operating the vehicle
  • The presence of a battery light on the dashboard

If you suspect your alternator is underperforming, pay us a visit. We will carry out a diagnosis and identify the problem. Our skilled auto electricians will walk you through the process and inform you of the associated cost before carrying out alternator repairs or supplying a reconditioned or new alternator.

Starter motor

Starter motors draw electricity from your vehicle’s battery and provide the initial drive required to start your engine. A faulty starter motor could potentially leave you stranded. It is an essential piece of equipment that requires expert diagnosis. Alternator and starter problems are often misdiagnosed, so it’s important to have it checked by a reputable auto electrician.

If you suspect your alternator or starter motor is failing, make to contact our talented team of technicians with extensive experience handling and servicing auto electric parts. The earlier it is resolved the better it will be for your car’s electronic system.

Deering Autronics provides first-rate same day service for alternators and starter motors – fully installed or as supply only.

Contact us for all your car alternator and starter motor requirements today, or call us on 1300 136 556 to locate your nearest branch.