Quality Car Batteries in Perth

Quality Car Batteries in Perth
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We fit and supply premium quality batteries to keep your car running smoothly

Batteries are an essential component of your vehicle. The sensitive electronics in modern cars rely heavily on a fully functioning battery. Perth-based Deering Autronics offers a comprehensive range of car batteries for all makes of vehicles. With the diverse industry experience we have amassed over more than six decades, we can help you service, replace and maintain batteries for a variety of different vehicles. Contact us today to find out more about our range of quality products and services.

In good hands

We still hold ourselves accountable to the same standards that made us a leader in auto electric repairs and service. Each member of the team has a wealth of experience that enables them to work on your battery without a hitch, ensuring it works efficiently and that you get the best out of your battery throughout the course of its lifespan. What’s more, we’ll make sure to offer you expert advice to prolong the life of your car battery up until its time for a replacement.

What we do

As well as specialist car and marine battery services for all vehicle makes and models, we also stock batteries to suit your 4wd, truck, caravan, trailer, forklift, golf cart, farming or mining equipment.

We supply and fit quality car battery brands such as Marshal and Exide:

We offer:

  • Truck batteries
  • 4wd batteries
  • Auxiliary batteries
  • Deep cycle batteries
  • Commercial batteries
  • Marine batteries

Mobile battery service

If you find yourself stranded on the side of the road, don’t worry. We’ll come to you, and test and replace your car battery if need be. Our roadside battery replacement service operates 24 hours a day and is available from Mandurah in the south to Two Rocks in the north, and everywhere in-between.

Did you know?

When properly serviced and maintained, a car battery will last from three to five years.

Helpful tips to prolong your car battery

  • Regular inspection will help you avoid unexpected battery failure, making sure that you take the right course of action at the right time.
  • Check your water – Maintaining adequate levels of battery water will ensure your battery doesn’t suffer premature wear and tear.
  • Keep your battery secure – Loose batteries can suffer from short circuiting when exposed to frequent impacts.

We welcome you to call in for a free battery and terminal check. We’ll discuss any car battery or power needs you may have and provide you with a practical and affordable solution.

Contact us for all your car battery requirements today, our team of experts will make sure you to keep your battery in peak condition.